Friday, October 20, 2006

We're here in Texas where the gubernatorial race is a freaking dog and pony show. In my spirit, in my soul, I hear what Kinky Friedman is saying. I've not seen him get past a one-liner though. It doesn't help when your "secretary of energy" gets busted for weed and mushrooms. I don't know, I know Willie and all his faults and I'd give the dude credit for trying to do something worthwhile. . . I'm SICK of Rick Perry. He's such a hypocrite. I can't go "Grandma Strayhorn" because she's really a republican who is calling the kettle black.

I watched the debates and as a result, I'm gonna have to throw in with Chris Bell. He's real vanilla. He seems to be squeaky clean so that gives one the fond hope that he's really in the deal to do a good thing for the world. He's young enough that maybe he has some idealism. He sounds strong for education. He could possibly win if the independents throw in with him.

Okay, the weird thing. My son is working for Borden. He lives here and doesn't have a car. So his shift is 4-12. Me hubby does the taxi service. I was asleep before Mark left to get James the other night and around 12:15 Mark comes in and (how do I moderate this?) states with emphasis "What did you do?"

"uh, I was asleep"

"Well WHAT about the sign?"

"uh, sign?"

"The SIGN in the front yard."

"mmm, I was asleep."

Between the time that Mark left to get James and the time that they got home, someone had planted a "Democrats for change" sign in our yard. Huh?

I had asked for kinky yard signs several months ago. There is a handpainted one down the street that says "Kinky Friedman for Governor" It has a star of david and under that it says "Why the hell not?"

So this alien democrat sign appeared in our yard. It's kind of crooked. I can't decide if I want to go straighten it out or leave it crooked or take it out, or paint something else over it. I wonder if I could copy Munch's The Scream on it.

It seems that several of those signs appeared in the neighborhood that night. Maybe it was random. Maybe it is a strange mind control trick.