Monday, October 01, 2007

The Wheels go Round and Round

If at all possible, I don't even get dressed on Sunday. I stay in my pj's and lurk about.

Today I was wrested out of my somnambulent state and rode on the back of the scooter with Mark up to the parking lot at school. I rode around the parking lot on the scooter and tried not to kill myself.

I had a crazy time. Someone dropped a shiny bracelet in the parking lot and I wanted to pick it up. ooooo shiny. I rode around. I was so nervous. I got to where I could mostly make the scooter go where I wanted to go. I was kind of afraid to turn very much.

I shouldn't have gone around in circles so much. After I'd had enough, I suggested that we go over to Monty's and show him the scooter but then I got motion sick. We had to pull over on Everglade while I made up my mind whether I would puke or not. I didn't and I got a little more unqueasy. Monty wasn't home, but we saw all his fun sculpture things in the entry to the house. We saw a calico cat rolling on his driveway. We saw a tiny black cat in the bushes at Mae's house.

We stopped by Exxon on the way home to gas the scooter up. It was a buck sixty to fill it up (WEEEHA). While Mark went inside Exxon, I stayed out by the scooter wearing my helmet with flames on it. I saw some woman throw trash out of the door of her car before she got out to gas up. I wanted to go up to her and ask her if the world was her trash can. She just pulled nasty stuff out and threw it on the ground. I was offended. I got out of "teacher mode" and didn't say anything but I thought evil thoughts at her.

We got home and I was grateful to have a beer. I watched Star Trek IV The Voyage Home and quoted most of the dialogue along with the movie. I guess I'm a geek that way.