Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Becca

24 years ago today Rebecca was born. She's grown tall and lovely and brilliant.

At school, I hugged a neighboring teacher who has a birthday also today.
I tell her it is my daughter's birthday and she says it is no wonder that
we get along. Ms. E. is one of the nicest people and she's a good neighbor.
I forgot for a small time that it was her birthday also and told her I was
wracked with the memory of being in labor and cursing my sweet hubby.
She forgave me. In my mind, I recall the day 24 years ago in some detail.
I remember the doctor coming in and looking at the oxytocin drip and
him cranking it up a LOT to help me expel this child. She was so small. She
was my tiniest baby. She was so pink and so annoyed that the world
was messing with her. Her main concerns were eating and sleeping. Not
much has changed in 24 years.

I have to ask myself, what did I see today? What can I be a primary source for?
I saw plaid boxer shorts. A fellow teacher was getting after one of his
students for sagging too low for common courtesy. I told the kid I didn't want
to see his underwear and he stated that HIS underwear was clean. I told
him that my underwear was clean also and that perhaps I should arrange
my slacks so that he would get to see my underwear. He was horrified. He
told me that he really did NOT want to see my underwear. I told him that I
didn't want to see his either. I cut him a piece of jute to make a belt to hold
his pants up.

"It's the style, Miss." That's what I hear. I think I will interview my classes
and ask them if it is okay for me to show my underwear to them. I don't
have any thongs, but I'm inspired to get one.

I'm thinking terribly wicked thoughts about how to further combat the sight
of teenage boy butt.

This evening I saw my beautiful daughter. I'm glad she was happy with our
gift to her. She looked lovely with her emerald pendant. We went for
sushi. That's what she wanted to do and the restaurant was beautiful
and pleasant and more up scale than we are used to. The food was out of
this world. I had trouble with the chopsticks, but I managed to eat enough.
The restaurant was beautiful, the service was delightful. I want to go back.
I want more of that fishy goodness.

Today was a wonderful day. I'm so proud of my lovely daughter.

I win.