Saturday, March 29, 2008

Book 13, I'm catching up on the year for now. . .

I got back from Spring Break and my friend the school nurse told me about something she'd read over the break... Towing Jehovah by James Morris.

What she described was pretty strange, so when I got home I ordered the book. It came in a few days and I put it on the stack to read next.

I had an arthrogram on Thursday which kind of laid me low and put me off work for a couple of days. I started Towing Jehovah that afternoon and found myself diving into a concept that I had never dreamed of.

The basic premise of the novel is that God has died and his corporeal body has fallen into the Atlantic at 0 degrees longitude and latitude.

Enter the interfering archangels. . . Gabriel goes to the Vatican and Raphael goes to New York. At this point things get very complex. The angels are suffering and know that they are dying of empathy with their creator. They have prepared a tomb in the arctic for the body of God and have to rely on humankind to get him there. There are logistic issues. God is two miles long for one thing. He is decomposing for another.

Anthony Van Horne, defunct oil supertanker captain is famed for spilling oil all over Matagorda Bay off the coast of Texas. Reminiscent of the story of the Exxon Valdez, the former captain of Carpco Valparaiso is tormented by images of oil covered water fowl and blinded manatees. He seeks salvation that doesn't come. His father, a renowned captain, belittles him and Anthony cannot forgive himself, no matter how many times he bathes.

This novel satirizes almost every level of faith. It looks at personal, corporate, and hard-line religious viewpoints. This book makes fun of fast food in ways that defy imagination. Dilettantes who are so rich and bored that they have to reenact World War II battles are swept up in sea and air battle to prevent Jehovah from finding his final rest.

What a fun book!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yesterday, I saw a robin in the yard. I've always heard that was a harbinger of spring which officially kicked off last week. Today I saw two robins and they danced such a funny dance all over the yard. They were digging in the dirt for worms and hopping about in an eccentric orbit around some random spot in my front yard. One was redder and fatter than the other. I hope that they will nest someplace nearby. I can hear the doves a lot. There are more of them around than last year. They are quite vocal.

I love spring, because I love seeing the birds. I may start a checklist. I've seen doves, grackles, robins, mockingbirds and some green parrots so far this year. The green parrots were in someone's yard on Fisher Road. There were four of them and they were in a yard munching down with about a half dozen other birds. It was pretty cool.