Monday, April 07, 2008

Books 15 and 16 in Short Order and DGHTA

I wandered in to the bookshelf after I finished Pillars of the Earth. I sighed as I wondered what I could pick up that could make me so happy.

Okay, I snagged another repeat. Bellwether by Connie Willis. I love this book, it cracks me up and I get more out of it every time I read it. Life's experiences change us and every time we read something again, those experiences change the reading.

I gobbled it up and finished this morning and picked something else up from the "discard" pile. This one Descartes in 90 Minutes left me feeling like I wanted the half hour it took me to read it back.

Mark was surprised when I told him I'd already read Bellwether and another book before we headed for Trinity Hall this evening. I told him the Descartes book was really stupid. He asked me why I read it, and I had to allow that it was a small book and it would up my book count on my goal of averaging a book a week this year. He thought that was very silly.

Well, I guess it is silly. That would be like the kids assigned a book report who go to the library and look for the skinniest book on the shelf. I guess I just want some hedge room when I pick up the ones that are a thousand pages.

My friend Jane set herself the goal of reading a hundred books last year and I think she topped it by several. I don't think I will get to that many unless I have a very reading summer. I've got several books set to the side that are very edifying. There's one on Gothic cathedrals (enough already) and one on Monasticism (more of the same). I know I've got some buried under the night stand that I've not gotten to yet.

We had fun at Trinity Hall. We sat outside because (to quote Jane Austen) the weather was fine indeed. We were having our biweekly dinner date with Becca and it is always fun. Her hair is certainly red. I told her it was "Fergie" red. We had a lot of discussion about all the meanings of "red" and ended up calling her a redneck and a commie. It was fun.

Apparently at Trinity Hall on Sunday nights they have a trivia contest. We played the first round and named our team "Dirk Gently's Holistic Trivia Agency" We thought that the announcer had left us out of the stats but he said he'd abbreviated us to DGHTA. We're going to have to go back. We did well!

I think it takes a couple of hours to play all the rounds and we were already through eating when the first one started. There was a table of folks inside who were all playing. I'm betting they are regulars.

The things we do for entertainment!