Saturday, April 05, 2008


Today was a relief after yesterday. I did write one referral. I had a senior girl tell me that she didn't care about my class and that she didn't want to spend the money for supplies because she didn't need the class to graduate.

OMG, let's just press my "rhymes with rich" button.

I have an issue about kids not working in class. I want them to do something to get a grade. I don't pay them for nothing.

The girl today is a good girl. I doubt seriously that she has been sent to the discipline office very many times. I told her as I got there that when good kids acted up that it stands out more. She started arguing more that she wasn't the only one and I said that I was talking to her and she was trying to point at everyone but her.

I can perhaps see her point of view. She doesn't know the relationships I have with other students. One other girl, I went off on last period worked her little butt off this time. Another girl didn't bring her stuff today but she is second year with me and I know her and she knows that she has to perform, even if she wasn't there today. She did not dare say that she didn't plan to do work because she didn't have to have it graduate. She knows that I'll kick her ass nine different ways.

Can you imagine telling a teacher that you don't feel like doing the work in her class because it doesn't matter if she has it to graduate.?

What a moron. It will still be transcripted that she did not do adequate work.