Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Things Change

Happy Birthday to Me. I live in a tree.

I had my hearing today. It's my 49th birthday. It has been an inauspicious day.

I was so sad today. I went to work and only two of my friends happened to remember that it was my birthday. I'm so good about such things. I make sure I make cards for my friends and stir up other folks to celebrate and make a big deal over their birthdays. I'm the one who decorates the doors for people with balloons and streamers.

It was just so strange that my worker's compensation hearing was today on my 49th birthday.

The hearing was good. Happy birthday, I get to have two surgeries. DANG.

At least I get to have stuff fixed. I get to have the complete tear of my shoulder tendon repaired. Why am I not so excited? I've talked to folks who have had rotator cuff surgery and I must say that it doesn't sound like fun.

Do I want it fixed? Well, hmmm. That's a curious question. It doesn't hurt a whole lot right now, but it doesn't also work very well. I'm a right handed art teacher. Do I want to give up the right hand and arm and learn to teach art left handed?

I have to have the shoulder fixed before I have the ACL fixed because I have to be able to tolerate crutches.

Corn Dog on a Stick.

Please substitute Corn Dog for "extended fecal matter.

Today was not bad, it wasn't great. It was a "sink into the bayou birthday."

Oh well.