Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My head was spinning

Well, I have to applaud social media. We were all getting updates with the
best possible information. My son in law is a meteorologist for NWS. My
daughter was reading weather feeds from multiple sources and pretty much all
of the students were watching weather feed and we were actively seeking
radar updates. My school is built into a hill and has an extensive view
east into Dallas. We watched a "triangular shaped cloud" track NNW across
the area where my old school (Skyline) sits. They got a bit of roof blown
off and a coach's car got tossed into the fence. We knew when to duck. Our
siren alarms were timely and reasonable. There were folks outside looking
at the wall clouds and dangerous formations. All administrative folks were
totally serious about anything wonky. We sat in a safe hallway for about
half an hour. The kids were really sweet and cooperative and trusting that
if their Big People didn't get too worried that they were probably okay.
They were all texting their friends all over the district and knew that a
tornado had touched down over by the Mesquite Rodeo. We had an opportunity
to discuss our personal experiences with such weather to share our
experience about such threatening conditions. I'm really happy with the way
things worked out. It was about as good as it gets for dealing with
extraordinary circumstances during the school day.