Tuesday, August 07, 2012

An Issue of Forgiveness

I had to ask myself some questions today. Dena Schlosser killed her baby girl 8 years ago. She cut the baby's arms off to free her from some demon (or something like that). There was not a huge amount of discussion about whether or not the woman was insane. She was found not guilty for reason of insanity.  I learned today that she had been released from the state mental hospital in Terrell recently and was spotted working at WalMart.   I remember being so horrified when I heard about the crime, but today I felt so sorry for the woman.  WalMart fired her after Channel 8 made a big deal about it.  I wondered how anyone could even begin to put a life back together after something so heinous and I've got to believe that the hospital wouldn't let her out if they thought she was a danger to anyone.   

Some folks have posted some really vicious statements and I have found myself feeling a big dose of compassion.  I cannot begin to think that I could recover from something like that. I would have checked out long since. 

I'm going to have to think about this some more.