Friday, September 21, 2012

Hallelujah LeahBob

I'm so excited!!! My granddaughter is coming to visit.  I cannot wait to see Miss Leah Elizabeth Ayers.  LeahBob for short.

Virginia and Neil and Leah are coming here from England.  They are coming in time for the State Fair of Texas.  I've never been so much excited about going to the fair.  My folks were not the kind of folks that took children to the fair, so I cannot really recall going to the State Fair with my parents.  I do recall taking my personal children to the Fair, but not so many times, because it is so expensive and we were generally very poor.  I do know that we took our children to the fair when they were coming up.  Last year we went with James and Becca and it was so much fun.

I can't wait to go with Leah.  She will not understand but we will try and take her to the bird show and to the dog races and to the petting zoo.  I want to show my granddaughter the piece of jewelry I made that will be on display at the State Fair.  I want her to see Dallas.  I want to take her to Trammel Crow's Ranch and get a photo of her on the back of a bronze longhorn.  She may not know it but she is half a Texan.