Monday, October 27, 2014

Observing Humanity

I hardly slept last  night... We are farming out a litter of kittens and were down to the last two.  We have restrained their access to the world at large and they cried a lot.  Momma cried because we separated her from her babies.  The babies cried because they missed Momma.

I am a hibernator.  I want to sleep as late as is humanly possible.  I was woken up probably a hundred times last night.  I was wide awake before ten am on this Sunday morning and so we kick-started a very busy day.

One of our favorite Sunday destinations is Circle Grill.  It's infamous. There are tables named for regulars.  We've been in the neighborhood for some years.  We went for our favorite breakfast meals. I get a #1 over medium with sausage patties and hashbrowns (need to  remember to order them crispy) and biscuits and gravy.  Mark gets the veggie platter.

Today we are seated in the back of the front room.  I look around to see if I see folks I know.  1/2 the time I do.  It's very busy and things are running slow.  We see two families with children in the corners.  

One family is ambiguous.  We watch carefully because we are nosy and observant.  We see a booth behind us with a boy and a girl in a princess costume and two daddys. There is a lot of coloring going on. There is a lot of manners training about napkins in the lap.  We can hear them talking to their children.

We see another family.  A young latino couple with a toddler.  The baby is allowed to peel all the lids off of the jelly and the creamer.  We see the child throw a creamer past his dad's head and it hits the wall.  We see the small child escape out of his booth and go about and harass other diners.  

Dad is about to pay and the toddler grabs a hundred dollar bill out of his hand and carries it to another diner.

I see the boy and girl being talked to and colored with and celebrated and we see this tiny boy being ignored and allowed to be a nuisance in a public restaurant.

Who would society support?  The two attentive daddies or the inattentive Latino mom and dad.

As a public school teacher, I want the kids that are being colored with and are being taught manners.  They have a much higher chance for success than the tiny Latino boy that was allowed to run rampant.

Why does our society support the machismo view in poverty?  That small Latino boy will be taught that his stuff doesn't stink and that his mother is less than.  He's going to be spoiled and uneducated.  The two daddys obviously support their children learning good manners and using their time being creative.   The Latino parents loosed their child on the restaurant because Dad thought it was cute for  him to be a menace. It was obvious that mom was not allowed to say boo to the boy.
Later in the day I was waiting in a parking lot for my hubby to pick me up after a pedicure appointment.  I saw a couple walk by.  They were holding hands.  The man was singing at the top of his lungs.   I could see the doobie tucked behind his ear.

He sure sounded happy.

What an odd day to see things!