Saturday, June 11, 2016

My dog was sexually harassed at the dog park today

I'm on summertime.  The best thing I can do is sleep and lose track of which day it is.  It's my mental healing. I hibernate in the summer and go on "dreamtime."

I was up before noon today and agreed to go to the Dog Park.  Mark told me we needed to go before it rained.  Mark has a "duty" for one of our children in the neighborhood so he dropped Mike and me off at the dog park.  Mike doesn't mind me as well as he does Mark.  I think it is kind of hilarious that at the dog park I am hollering "Mike" and I wonder how many guys at the dog park are named "Mike."  I think that one guy today thought I knew him and was so excited that I was hollering his name.  I've been watching too much of Criminal Minds.

Mark did his duty and reported back to the dog park.  It was sauna hot with no breeze.  Mike was hot, I was hot and Mark suggested we adjourn to a grassy knoll in the shade.  We did so adjoin and then there was this fluffy dog that came up and made untoward advances toward Mike.  There was a young nubile whippet female who flirted about and seemed to like Mike.  There was a lot of posturing and a pissing contest ensued around the tree that provided our shade.  At one point there were four dogs in a line to piss on the tree.  I thought that the fluffy dog was trying to impress the whippet but it soon became obvious that he was interested in our Mike.  Mike ran away and fluffy dog ran along beside him trying to offer ..... favors.  Mike ran here and he ran there and fluffy dog chased him all over and was relentlessly offering "favors."  I hollered after Mike and said "Mike, just say NOOOOOOOOO."  Mark thought that was rude.

Anyway, we sat there for a while and Mike and his admirer laced in and out between us and we discouraged aggressive behavior.  Fluffy chased Mike all over the place and out into the bushes that are more hidden and Mike ran away and Fluffy kept offering favors and he would try to run along next to Mike while rendering favors and it was kind of intense to follow.

Fluffy's human came by and scooped up his dog and says "I think my dog likes your dog."