Friday, June 26, 2020

Let me tell you about Mike

Mike is my dog.  He was Mark's dog before, but now he's mine.  

He's a PiniPoo.  Mom was a pedigreed MinPin and Dad was a poodle.  Someone tried to create a "boutique" breed without knowing what they were doing and the owner surrendered the mom and six puppies when they were a month old.  The puppies all looked like Tramp from Lady and the Tramp which is actually what PiniPoos are supposed to look like.  

Mike was due to be euthanized on Monday.  He was the last of the puppies.  We had lost three dogs in the previous year (I think my neighbor poisoned them) and I mentioned on Facebook that I was looking for a puppy with the right face.  

One of my friends posted Mike's picture on Sunday and asked if that was the right face.  It definitely was.  I told Mark that we needed to go to Plano to pick up a puppy.    He told me I was out of my mind and he gave me major funk and then got in the car with me.  We walked into the PetSmart and everyone said "Are you here to see Mike?"  I said "minpin mom and handsome stranger dad?" and they all smiled and said "That's Mike."  

He was two months old and they brought him out to visit with us and he ran up to Mark and said "I love you."  We went home with a puppy.  

Mike has had issues.  He went blind from cataracts when he was three.  He's got poodle knees and is a nervous licker and scratcher.  He's still one of the best people I know.

I took him to the vet recently and they said it was obvious that he was very loved.  He's such a sweet boy.  

He was attacked by a pit bull today.  I take him with me outside so he can potty and smell the world.  We took the trash out and a boy was being pulled up the alley by a large pit bull and Mike is such a lover that he doesn't understand that there are mean people in the world.  He is very social and he smelled the other dog and ran over to say hi and the pit bull picked him up by the head and shook him like a rabbit.  He's got teeth marks around his head.  I can't believe that this dog didn't break his neck.  

I have a neighbor who raises pit bulls and they are certainly scary because they are very protective of the children.  They are sweet dogs though and they know Mike and play with him.  I talked to my neighbor and he said that the dog that attacked Mike was a trained fighter who used little dogs for "bait" dogs and they are trained to do what that dog did to Mike today.  

The boy that was walking the pit was about fifteen and I doubt there were thirty pounds difference between them and he seemed scared of the dog too and was having a horrible time reigning it in.  He was headed for the park.  I wonder how that worked out. 

Mike is upset, I don't blame him. I'd be upset too if someone abused me like that and left bloody marks all over my head.  We're going to the vet tomorrow to get checked out.