Saturday, July 17, 2004

I went to a party at the McGahan's last night and it was strange and wonderful. As we walked up, a person in the dark started exclaiming my name and telling his companion that I was a teacher at his school. He seemed astonished that I was invited to the same party that he was. He hugged me, so I guess it was okay.

Inside I saw many people who are very dear to me, and then it got really strange as I realized all the ways that these folks are connected.My oldest girl's ex-boyfriend (who now dates one of my former students who is studying to be an arabic linguist in the air force) and his brother (who is my son's friend). Also the brother of another boy (formerly my student) she associated with was there. The other boy (formerly my student) dates my second daughter's best friend.

My second girl's assorted formal dance dates (2 different ones) were there, along with aforementioned second daughter. There was a boy there that she had associated with along the way. He is the student of the father of one of her ex-boyfriends. The girl who is currently the lover of the ex-boyfriend was there, and she is my former student.

The former student also used to date my youngest daughter's boyfriend's (also a former student of mine) brother. My youngest girl and the boyfriend were there, as well as several of her friends from school (the gasping student in the front yard, the boyfriend of #2's best friend, and the boyfriend of a girl (my former student) who my daughter #2 tutors, both boyfriends also being my former students.

Oh, and then there are Fergus and Zach. They defy description as they are connected to everyone in some way. I just wish Zach would keep his clothes on, he's going to get into trouble.

This was the funnest game of 2 degrees of separation I ever witnessed. I guess if you know the same bunch of folks for a while this kind of thing happens. I suppose if you teach high school over the same time period that you have four teenagers this can happen also. Some of it is really random though.

This is a ramble, but totally kind of blew my mind.

This is a very late edit, but I want to link to a lot of previous posts. Before blogger there was livejournal!