Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Nodding Head

Today I saw a head nodding. It even nodded with some enthusiasm.

This brought joy to my heart. This student is one who easily slips through the cracks. He has personal issues that I don't know about but he's wounded and is suspicious of the world. He's a bright guy and I think that he isn't used to folks thinking that or telling him that.

I've had him in my class for more than a year now and I've seen him stop hiding behind his hair. I ask him what he has learned and he tells me astute things. He's in with a group in my class that doesn't make fun of someone for being smart because they are all smart kids. It's just not his usual crowd.

Today, he wasn't embarrassed. He didn't say much but he GOT IT. We talked about a community service project and when I talked about identifying a need in our community I could see enthusiasm on his countenance. I don't know if he's ever thought about giving back before. I think he realized that he could.

He's still on the edge. He could easily slip through the cracks, but I'm happy that one group of his "associates" are happily including him in their pursuit of success in productive ways.

Come on, dude! You can do it!