Friday, February 29, 2008

Three Black Panthers

Today was a long day. We started off with a faculty meeting that assigns our testing partners for TAXS. I don't know my person, but I will get to know him better real soon.

The teaching day was long and filled with students who had not taken care of business. It's at the end of the six weeks.

One issue today was the board of trustee meeting. There were some interesting discussions and some crazy people who got up and this made it more interesting.

There were a lot of Skyline supporters. Yayy.

My best mental picture occurred when a few of us drifted across the street to smoke. A group of new young black panthers came by and we asked them what they wanted to do at the school board.

The black panthers were there to see to getting a crossing guard at the new middle school. They were concerned that there were no school zones posted there. The black panthers looked pretty scary but they were very polite and kind and shook our hands and told us that they wanted to make things safe for the students. They had to move on to go see a school program. These three gentlemen were so polite and kind and spoke to us with love and concern about their issue.
They made me very happy. Anything from the community that sits on our kids and teaches them how to act in pubic is a good thing

Fight the good fight! We are doing it..