Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Monsoon Goes On

Today I am frustrated.
I wonder why we really need men. I'm thinking I could be so happy with my daughters.
We have been in car hell for a while. A monsoon came today and Mark crashed our only working car. Granted someone else was stupid and he evaded hitting the other car and hit the concrete wall instead. He's fine. I'd be less mad if he was hurt. I've been saving to get the transmission put back in the cruiser and I've almost got enough.
I'm not hard on cars. I'm terribly easy on cars. I don't run into people and my father taught me that everyone else on the road was out to kill me so I drive very defensively. I don't drive aggressively and I go easy.
I'm just mad. He's depressed and I want to go tell him to suck a stick.
Becca is in Portland visiting Paul (I thought they broke up). ((He was here over winter break)).
Rachael has some upper respiratory crud that is going around. I told her to get her ass to the clinic in the morning and get some antibiotics. She calls and says "Mom, I'm feeling croupy and coughy." Mom, being a school teacher already knows there is a new leaping respiratory crud making the rounds.
Last week for spring break, I had four doctor appointments. I fell in October, whacking my old arthritic knee against a concrete riser and other assortments. The work comp people are jacking me around trying to say that I didn't really hurt myself when I tripped on the piece of rebar sticking out from the concrete step in front of school. They say I'm just old and if I hurt it is because of a "condition of life" Yeah, well, if one whacks an arthritic knee against a concrete riser it becomes an unhappy arthritic knee. The two herniated discs in my neck are new. The district denied my shoulder injury because they said (based on some guy they hired to review my case) that I didn't injure my shoulder. The four doctor appointments said that my shoulder was messed up and they didn't understand how the district (not being doctors) could say that I didn't hurt it when I fell. They are thinking a torn rotator cuff, or other torn ligament. All I know is that it hurts and that it is hampering me raising my right hand with a hammer in it.
Because my district is being awful and is trying to deny me medical, I had to go to a "designated doctor" on Monday. He said my knee is arthritic. I had to agree. He said that it probably was not going to get any better (I fell five months ago) and I can't argue with that. It's not terrible, it's just arthritic. He said my neck would take up to two years to heal and that since I'd had rehab on it that it was probably doing as well as could be expected. He said my shoulder was messed up and he didn't see HOW the district doctor could say that I didn't hurt it when I fell.
I want to bite someone. I wouldn't mind hitting someone with hammers. That could be very therapeutic.
OOOO crazy white woman loose with a hammer.. . .
I've had better days.
The monsoon continues.