Thursday, March 13, 2008

Book 9 2008

I finished up Bless Me, Ultima today. It was really a quick read. It was magical in so many ways. I'll have to read it again later this year as it is the Academic Decathlon book for next year. At least I CAN read it again. There are very quotable lines in this novel. I couldn't get past chapter one of the book for the current year. It seems to go that way for me, every other year there is a book I cannot stomach.

Bless Me, Ultima is ultimately about a loss of innocence and the desire to know God. There is good and evil, and kind and bad, and a view of the world that transcends Christianity. I loved it.

What have I seen? Today we stopped at the corner and Mark gets his dollar for the guy with a sign. I don't know why Mark gives them money, but they all know him at this point and they talk to him. His favorite guy is Cowboy. There are quite a few of them. I want to get them food and a bath somewhere that I don't have to know about. The guy today obviously knows Mark and tells him about the lady that threw her kids off the bridge there yesterday. He was sleeping up under the bridge when it happened. He said the kids were doing okay, but the lady got hit (after she jumped). What a great thing to happen up the street from where one lives.

I have so many books around my bed. I usually have a plan for what is next, but I picked up on very randomly. If I manage to actually read it, I'll let you know about Book #10 for 2008. I think I'm falling behind!