Sunday, September 14, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

I've been reading about St. Mary Magdalene. I just think this whole "history" is fascinating. I would love to go to Vezelay. The whole concept of the descendants of Christ hanging out in France should be warm fuzzies to the French.

I've grown up around conspiracy theories. I live in Dallas and just this last week there was some other evidence about bullets in the JFK assassination.
I lived in Memphis when MLK was killed. I lived through the garbage strikes and saw National Guard patrolling the streets and tried to understand what "curfew" meant as a 3rd grader. I had to go to work with my mother because school was cancelled. She worked for the Chamber of Commerce which was housed at the Peabody Hotel. I used to escape from her office to go see the duck parade, but I also caught sight of a riot that went past the glass doors of the Peabody. I guess that's why school was out. My second most vivid memory (after the ducks and the riot) was sitting at a typewriter and making it bang out all sorts of nonsense. It was fun, I loved typing really fast.

I'm delving through different versions of this story. They are more than entertaining. I'm going to have to read up much more on the history of Mary Magdalene. I've been told so many different things. It's hard when there is no clear evidence. One has to look at what has been written and attribute credibility.