Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Profound Revelation

Every once in a while one has moment of clarity. I didn't say sanity, I said clarity.

For someone who lives in a house where a TV is on 24/7 I don't care so much for it. I've seen every episode of I Love Lucy at least 20 times. I've seen every Star Trek, I cut my science fiction teeth on the original run. A few years back though I added HBO to the mix and I asked Mark to watch the Sopranos. I'd heard so much about it and witnessed a lot of "water cooler" conversations that talked about what Tony did last night. I had a vague idea of who Tony was and then the show sucked me in like the biggest sucker ever found on this planet.

That wasn't enough for me. Then came this weird quirky show called Six Feet Under. My mind was blown out of the water and I learned the names of the wonderful ensemble cast and I'm thrilled to encounter any of them in any other show.

Well, then there is Showtime. I didn't want to do it, I didn't want to do it. But Michael C. Hall is Dexter. I heard about it from friends and family and I wanted to hate it and then I was intrigued.

How does one feel kindly toward a serial killer? It's really kind of a strange quasi vigilante sort of rationalization. Seriously, we all think about it. There is someone somewhere who strikes a chord in our hearts and makes us honestly believe that the planet would be a better place for their absence. These days, I'm not so much about an individual as I am about ideas.

I can live without nasty baby momma, baby daddy pimpin' in the crib ain't that CRUNK. Rap music has not captured my heart or the essence of my soul at this point in my life. I am so sick of seeing young men choosing to have their pants hanging off "they ass." It's one thing if the view is nice, but today I saw one broad across the beam and his navy blue plaid boxer shorts didn't look so fresh. Ewww. Please if there is polite society (I'm not talking about in the privacy of one's home) where is it polite to show your ass?

Oooooooo shiny. . . .

Anyway, I started watching Dexter. . . Then I happened across Weeds. I don't care about TV, it is evil, it sucks away the souls of small humans. It sucked me in. Both shows have some talented folks in their casts. I love folks who play well together, that was so much of what I loved about Star Trek: The Next Generation.

My moment of clarity came when I thought about putting a character from Dexter and one from Weeds together to see how they interacted and I've hardly stopped laughing since. For those of you who know the shows, just try and picture this combination. Sgt. Doakes from Dexter and Celia from Weeds. I can hardly think of two characters so distant from one another.

I keep thinking of the conversations they would have and I think that could be a hysterically funny comedy schtik to have those two in character having an "interaction."

I have always maintained that I am easily amused.