Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will we go round in circles?

I had a conversation today with Juan. He's one of my son's friends. He graduated from a local school. He was in the green and white striped band. I told him some of our recent crazy stuff. He can't imagine that folks are rude when we try to ask them to follow the rules.

I was just talking about my current issues.

I got a new student Friday morning. It was very apparent very quickly that she was a child that came with baggage. It's very easy to tell that a child has some issues.

As I teach a class that involves hazardous materials I was concerned. I do not usually admit children to my class at mid year unless I know their artistic abilities and have signed off on allowing them in. This child came in without any "head's up" or notification to expect her.

SO, I need to listen to everything that she says to me or she might throw a fit and attack other students or lay down in the floor and kick and scream. As she talks non stop, it's going to be hard to listen to her all the time and still instruct my class. I've been told not to give her sharp objects. She showed me her art supply bag. She's already carrying sharp objects.

I want to teach this child something. I know that she didn't want my class.

I will try to find something that she wants to make.