Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day, Slow Day.

Hey, there were some meaningful lessons learned. Snow is cold. One should wear a coat and hat and have a scarf and gloves.

I saw a kid go by today and he had a new scarf. I'm guessing his momma cut very neatly the length of a blanket. I'm thinking she sacrificed a blanket so that her children had scarves today. What a great mom.

We had children who came to school today with no coat. A LOT of them came to school today with no coat. I asked children that I passed where their coats were and they said "At Home." One kid asked me if he could have my coat and I told him that I had the sense enough to wear mine.

What parent would allow their precious child to go out the front door of the house today without a coat?

If you look at the video of our ornery children fighting, will you please notice HOW many of them were not wearing a COAT?

These children do not seem to understand basic survival skills....Wear a coat when it is snowing.... SO, our weather was TOO extreme for the understanding and comprehension of our students who apparently do not have parents that are assertive enough to tell that child to dress up warmly.

This is a great learning opportunity for all of us. Our students apparently have parents who have not taught them such basic survival skills as "wear a coat when it snows." Parents, if your child went out today without a coat then you should be ashamed that you've not taught them better.

If you didn't know that your child was so dull as to leave the house today without a coat or hat or scarf or gloves then your community should teach you about taking reasonable care of your children.

I seriously passed hundreds of children today that were not equipped to be outside. Most of them were outside when I passed them.

If the district doesn't realize that our students do not know how to dress for this kind of weather then they need to make allowances for the stupidity of the general population and take appropriate action when the weather is "extreme."

Today was extraordinary. I think we set a one day snowfall record for North Texas.

Today was extraordinary. Folks try to extend blame. Many of us were culpable. There are some of us who know to dress warmly when it snows. There are some of us who don't. Hopefully those of us that DO know are in a position to educate the ones that DO NOT.

We get snow like this rarely. I'm seeing friends that are comparing to 1978.... That was 32 years ago.

I hate seeing my school that I love reviled because such a small population chose to make a public spectacle. I can only believe that some of our students were encouraged to act out by the presence of hovering local sensationalist journalists.