Monday, February 22, 2010

The but for the Grace of God Go I

Wow. I had a very serious


of my own business.

It was all good and fun. We went to San Antonio to visit my best friend who had moved there after 8th grade. I'd certainly been down there a bunch of times. This was my adopted family. I didn't know what it felt like to have siblings. I learned to love Mona and the boys.

My boyfriend with a car impressed my parents and his parent enough that they let us mobile down the road from Dallas to San Antonio. The boyfriend was a very sweet boy with a car that had 8"x2" steel beams in the door. That is probably a significant factor in the creation of this entry today.

We got to San Antonio. David's mother would probably have a fit if she knew that we made San Antonio in four hours. I've been between Dallas and San Antonio more times in my life than I can count but I only EVER stopped in Austin ONE time at a Whataburger on my way by. I'm really kind of sad that I only ever saw Austin as a speed bump between Dallas and San Antonio.

Tom, I'm sorry. I'm thinking that if I ever get to go to Austin that I'm going to have to see it with you. Please.

We left San Antonio early in the morning. We wanted to be on the beach by sunrise. That is a noble intention.

DAMN. We had an issue. There was a dude driving a red Peterbilt. He'd pulled over at some point and didn't turn his headlights on. He got back on the road and hit us.

The car caught on fire. It burnt. There were fine guitars in the back and they melted.

I have some remembrance of the event. I imagined spinning over and over backwards and coming to with two folks carrying me away from the burning. I can imagine seeing the flaming inferno. I used to have glasses but they got shook off and melted into the Cutlass.

Oh, well I'm very glad that guy pulled that girl out. I'm glad that guy pulled ME out.