Sunday, June 13, 2010


Okay this is part of the pity party. I was feeling raw.

I love you too ****. My objection is to lies being purported as a Christian truth. That is offensive to me. I would think it would be offensive to you as well as I would hope a lover of honesty.

Either that, or you believe gossip that is unsubstantiated and spread the misinformation further without seeking the truth of the matter. That's all I'm asking of you is to look at the truth.

Is that wrong? I would teach my children that we don't spread lies. I learned that somewhere.

I don't even want to get into politics. I don't really care about political ideology. I believe that our leaders should be intelligent and ethical. Well, I can dream can't I? When was the last time the US had THAT going on?

I love my country. I am a patriot. It's our obligation as citizens to scream bloody murder to the powers that be. I tell young people if they don't vote, then they better not complain. I vote every possible time that I can.

I think it's wrong to spread information that is untrue. I shouldn't have to be telling you this.

I'm willing to hear your response. I respect you.



Thanks for clearing that up for us Susan. We Christians do not understand his actions on a good number of Christian traditions listed below we have enjoyed throughout the years in America. I do hope we are wrong about him but I trust the Lord will see us through this mess we are all going through. I don't think if he is Christian he would totally ignore all that we hold dear in this country. But it is a free country right now and I pray it will stay that way. Love you ****

Please check out the snopes article. Obama was actually named as a defendant in a challenge to the legality of a National Prayer Day.

This article is totally untrue. The photo of Obama was taken at a Mosque in Istanbul where courtesy dictates that one removes ones shoes.

Whoever created this is giving "Christianity" a bad name by spewing things that are untrue.