Sunday, June 13, 2010

I have spent some amount of my life riding in an combine. I was young. The only time I ever got to spend with one uncle seemed to be riding on the combine. He would take me along and talk to me about farming stuff when I was a small child. He told the other children that he didn't get to see me very much, so ... he had to see me when he could which is why I got to ride in the combine. The other kids lived near him. I was the one that lived far away and I am grateful that he cared enough about getting to know me that he offered to carry a small child with him while he worked. I can still see the field stretching in front of me.

I can remember him coaching me to say a bad word. I can remember thinking that he was about the coolest guy that I ever knew. I was so sad when he got blown up and burnt beyond recognition. He was always such a good looking guy.