Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keep Coming Back

Today was busy, kind of a blur.  I got some grading done and was looking forward to Art Club after school.  We had a pretty good turn out and there was some math tutoring going on and some ceramic slab construction, some drawing on the Wacom tablet and quite a few folks making flowers out of plastic water bottles.

One of my angels seemed to be hanging back.  I chatted with her and admired her scarf.  She's got the biggest smile.  I saw hesitation on her face--she's such a great kid--second in her class.  I've met with her to talk about things she needs to do to apply for architecture school.  She's so bright and so motivated that any school would be happy to have her.

I have been apprehensive for her because she doesn't have a drawing background and I know that a lot of kids that go into architecture have gained a lot of skills before they go.

So today she hangs back. I see the doubt.  I talk about my day teaching and she beams and says "I've been reconsidering studying architecture."  I tell her I know she's going to be successful no matter what she tries and she says "I think I'd love to teach.  I see you and how much you love it and I want to love something that I do that much."  I tell her that I came to teaching later but that I appreciated the chance to love what I do and love the kids.  She beams some more and says again that she thinks that she could love it a lot.  We talk about what she'd teach and she mentioned that she's taught Sunday school to 2nd graders for four years and that she loves the little one but that she REALLY loves Art History but she's not sure how she could deal with big kids.  I told her she'd be great at whatever she chose and that she should choose something she loves so that all her life she'll have a constant state of "WOW."

It was one of those days....