Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I Double Dog Dare You

Dear Legislator,

I understand you have HARD decisions to make.  I know you try SO hard to represent your constituency.  You get to VOTE about education in America.  Please tell me how much you understand the system?

OH, your sister-in-law told you that she had great insurance and she's a teacher.   She didn't mention that she was insured through her husband's medical.  SO, you make decisions for the health insurance of all of the public school teacher servants in the State of Texas based on that conversation at your niece's birthday party.  .   .   .   .

Aw, well, um, let me know how that works for the hundreds of thousands of "state" employees affected by that decision.  oh no, you don't know what that means but you don't really care because teachers are defective human beings because if they were REALLY smart they would do something that made money rather than teach.

Dear Legislator,

I double dog dare YOU and EVERY person in government to go in and TEACH a class for ONE WEEK. If you have not spent a week juggling strong personalities and mentally ill children then do not tell me about how to teach school.

I do very well thank you. I teach....(Drawing II, III, IV, AP Art History, AP 2D Design, AP Drawing, Ceramics, Art One, Art One Advanced) nine distinct course offerings and I'm accountable for lesson plans for ALL of them and I'm responsible presenting inspiring curriculum that should motivate all children to create excellence.  I'm cool with that.

I should not have to "step gently" around criminal, heinous, mentally ill, dangerously aggressive, will freak out and hurt people CRAZY, to teach NINE different things. Many teachers teach 2 things. A good number teach 3 things.  Dedicated teachers teach 4 things.  Between 4 and 9 is a no-man's land.  Even PE teachers don't go much past 4.

OH, you're going to tell ME about how to teach children.  You can tell me this because you know        What?  You have so much experience with inner city children who share 12 siblings with their father and 4 with their mother?  You can teach me What?

I Double Dog Dare you.