Wednesday, November 07, 2018

What is the truth?

It is the day after the mid-term elections and I am still alive.  No one has come for my guns.

I had multiple horses in this race and some results were good and some were better.

I had two Beto signs in my yard.  Actually, they are still there.  I need to go pull them out. 

I may need to update them soon.

I just pulled them out and need to clean them up.  I think they will have continued value or is that the hoarder in me? 

As an educator, I want to give out good information.  How do I tell my students what THE Truth is?  How do I determine that? 

All I can do is read everything I can about a subject and then ask questions when things don't make sense. 

Truth is important to me.  I loathe being lied to. About anything.  I can deal with the truth, whatever it might be.  I've had to deal with too many liars in my life.  People who lied as easily as breathing for no apparent reason.  I don't get it, because my mind doesn't work that way. 

It's getting harder in America to ascertain the TRUTH.  So many entities are involved with "spin" to change the facts to represent a particular point of view. 

I reject this.

I want objectivity.  I want to know the stone cold hard facts.  THIS is red.  THIS is soft.  THIS is emotionally charged because. 

I guess Truth varies from person to person.  My personal Truth regarding a very politically charged subject is very personal.  My response to that Truth is harsh at times and sometimes forgiving.  I'd be lying if I didn't admit that choices make profound differences. 

I am confident today that I've made good and bad choices.  The consequences are profound with all choices.   However, I can only deal with the path I've followed.   I cannot make changes at this point.  All I can do is move forward and hopefully make better choices an informed point of view.