Friday, February 15, 2019

Smelly Burning Things

Wow, today I saw some things.

There was a fire in the building and it was put out and it smelled really bad.  Burning electricity and melted rubber coating and singed everything that poured smoke out of the bottom of a water fountain.


We try to keep panic to a minimum with a student population of over 2500.

What's on fire and do we really need to get out of the building?

I do not think that my floor was in danger but I walked over to see if we needed to get the hell out.  We didn't.

Things are challenging in public education these days.  We have students who cannot read above a third grade level.

I am working on a training in my school where we work with a "random" word of the day.

Yesterday, I took the old dictionary and had a kid point out the word "hernia" then during pride time we talked about what a hernia was and talked about old men who had to wear trusses.

I'm really excited that my students were so thrilled and curious to talk about "hernia."  We found relevance and talked about ways to use the word.

My favorite was "Jonathan, I'm going to give you a hernia if you don't shut up and sit down."

The next class we had the random word selection and it came out "Jew" OMG what a learning opportunity to talk about the word and what it meant and how to use it properly in a sentence ( ignoring the verb form) Anne Frank was persecuted because she was a Jew.

I love that my kids are so open minded and still willing to understand how words change.  I cannot imagine what my next random word will be.

Oh, I had to report the water fountain close to my premises for making horrible noises.   It's a day in the life of what I saw today.