Sunday, January 06, 2008

Book 1 2008

Book 1 of 2008 is done. I've worked on it for a couple of weeks as it was 1128 pages.

Tedious in places, it forwards a good story in the 3rd of a series called "A Song of Fire and Ice."

It's made me glad, made me sad and furious in some spots. George R. R. Martin cannot be relied upon to kill off a character. They have annoying way of showing back up alive. Just when you get used to a beloved character being gone, they pop up again like a persistent pimple.

I'm going to have to go to Borders tomorrow to get the next one. I asked for a book store gift certificate with the intent of getting it. I had pre-ordered A Feast For Crows from Amazon prior to its publication, but it never came and I never followed up. I had to start the series all over again to get back to where I was several years ago.

I like books that I like to re-read. I always get more from them in subsequent readings. Life gives me experiences to lend to the reading and the meaning changes.

It's only 9pm and I must pick up another book in the mean time. I'm horrible about reading part of a book before I pick up another one and I have have read tomes all over the place. Part of my goal in 2008 is to FINISH a book every week. My bookclub should be good for at least six of them. I look around and my eyes settle on the book my friend Jane gave me for Christmas. Perhaps I can gobble it up and get back to Feast For Crows before I've forgotten the story line. I still need to read a David Sedaris book for book club. Oooooo, which one? (goes and digs in the headboard of the bed) Okay, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim I've not read it yet, so I guess it's the lucky winner.

More will be revealed. . . .