Friday, January 11, 2008

Actually 26 years ago just about right now I was wandering about downstairs
at my mother's house saying, "Mom, I think we need to go pick up Mark and
get to the hospital."

There was an ice storm going on and the roads were coated with about an inch
of ice. In Dallas that is doom.

Mom was putzing about upstairs and I stalked around downstairs getting very

She hollered down that we could go ahead to the hospital and she'd pick up
Mark later.

I wasn't buying that. He had already called me three times and wanted to
know where the hell we were.

I just had this funny feeling that my mother would get me there and not
leave and pick him up, so I was adamant.

I should explain that my mother is 37 minutes behind the rest of the world.
She missed my high school graduation (I was 22 out of 701 to graduate)
because she was looking for a parking place. She would have missed my
wedding but I lied to her about what time it was. I very nearly missed my
college graduation because she was driving.

We piled into the car and crawled across North Dallas in the ice. She drove
very well and poor Mark was standing at the curb freezing
his ass off waiting for us about 2 am. We piled him in and finally made it
over to Medical City. It was 14 degrees.

Virginia arrived at 6:18 am. That was her time, and she was sticking to it.
Officially she was due Dec 21. This made her three weeks late. My doctor
argued with me, saying I must have miscalculated, but I knew my window of
exposure and she was three weeks late. After her grand arrival, all of the
medical folks looked at her and said "this baby is overdue, she's post-term"
DOH. Like I didn't know already? Virginia didn't care. She does things when
she wants to do things and I suppose that includes being born.

My first and greatest artwork is 26 according to the calendar, but
officially there are still a few hours of early morning to go by. . .

I wish I could see her today. I think of her across the pond in her almost
6 month marriage and I am joyful that she is so happily settled.

(jaws theme music interlude)

I hear that Virginia and Neil may want to start a family soon, so I may be hoping for the
next generation of artwork. Who am I fooling, I can't wait. I want it to be
on their own time, but I do wait with bated breath. . .

I wax poetic. I remember so clearly what I was doing so long ago at this
very moment.

How cool is that?