Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Brain Death

This is what Brain Death looks like.

Today was TAKS testing in Texas. I sat in a room with 28 sophomores and a really nice Chinese man.

We have to maintain test security, so we are not allowed to get on the computer or read. The result is like watching paint dry or grass grow.

Having ADD and ADHD, this is almost a fate worse than death. I observed children for the better part of nine hours. I mean stared at them, and watched them take a standardized test.

I walked around for a good part of it, but the rest of the time I was trying to see how much ink I could use out of my uniball pen. The really bizarre thing is that just about every letter in my name is represented in some way. That wasn't the intent. Well, the Q is really obvious. The McDonald's arches are a direct response to the really great coffee my local Mickey D's makes. I think much of this was my subconscious trying to fill time by trying to fill space on a half a piece of copy paper.

I'm wondering if there is a tattoo in there somewhere.. . .

The scary part is that I want to work on this some more. . .