Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I've been bad

I've let down my reading effort. I've been playing golf on my phone instead of reading when I go outside to smoke.

I did enjoy the book by Ms. Clinton. It touched me in so many ways. I had no idea that she was second generation American. I always thought she was from big money back east. I'm so impressed by her commitment to the education of our children in America. I'm impressed that she wrote this book in 1995. This book has given me inspiration to not only vote, but get more involved with the political process.

I went to the "Texas Two Step" caucus at my local polling location last night. I had never heard of the precinct convention before last week. I feel less than for not knowing.

We early voted last week and stood in line quite a while. I'm well pleased with the tremendous voter turnout for this primary. It's good that more people care.

We debated about when to leave for the caucus. We live a whole 90 seconds car drive away from the polling place (Owenwood Methodist Church). We knew that the caucus wouldn't start until the poll was closed for fifteen minutes so we are thinking 7:15. We left the house at 6:59. I knew that there might be an issue when I saw a lot of traffic on John West and there were seven cars ahead of us to turn into the church parking lot. There were a group of ladies holding up "Hillary" signs. I rolled down the window and gave a "thumbs up" sign and they hollered and cheered. That was cool. We had issues finding a parking spot and got in line behind the back door where voters go in.

There were a lot of nice people in line and we had friendly chats. It was cold. There were folks with tiny children, there were people with children our age. I saw several people that I knew which surprised me because I didn't realize they lived near enough to vote in the same precinct.

The line grew. And grew. And Grew! I couldn't believe it. I've never had to wait more than five minutes to vote there and there were hundreds of voters from my precinct lining up to caucus.

I think there were more than five hundred people that came. They were all excited. I've been voting for more than 30 years now and I've never seen such a crowd.

We filled the sanctuary of the church. I'd be real surprised if they get that kind of crowd on Sunday. There were folks wearing "Hillary" and "Obama" buttons and they were so happy and positive and motivated. Most of the time, it doesn't matter what we do in Texas, it's usually decided before Texas has anything to do with the election.

I don't claim a party affiliation. I am an American. I have voted for just about every party there is at some point. I lean toward independent candidates. I am green at heart (to my mother's dismay).

It was exciting to see so many people in MY neighborhood who care. My next door neighbor was there, she was happy to see us there too (big surprise).

I've picked up a new book. I guess that is #9 for 2008. I don't think I will stall out over this one. It's getting my attention quickly and might pull me away from scoring a birdie on my phone.

Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya is getting my attention. I'm not very long into it and the language is gorgeous. I'm doubly excited because it is our Academic Decathlon novel for next year. Some of my kiddos have already read it and are excited because they liked it.

Life is good.