Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sometimes My Heart Breaks

C*** came to class today. She's a beautiful girl.. I had her last year in jewelry. She's a returning kid but has been less than motivated this year. I still love her, she's very sweet.

She mentioned a month ago that she was getting married. I was astonished. I straight up asked her if she was pregnant and she blushed and said "Oh no!" I asked her when she was getting married and she said she didn't know but sometime soon. The groom had already bought the kitchen table.

Over the last month, I've questioned her about this and I've learned that her intended has a good job. He manages two Jack in the Boxes. She says he's very nice and her parents like him a lot and he bought some other furniture.
Every day that she comes to class her classmates ask if she's married yet. She says that he's really nice and that her parents like him.

Today (Monday) she comes in and everyone asks if she's married yet and she very shyly says yes. I ask her where she got married and she said that she got hitched at the government center up the street by whatever judge was on duty.

She doesn't seem very happy. She seems terribly distracted. She leaves her cell phone on the desk and I confiscate it and she never knows. She's talking to me later and the damn thing goes off in my pocket and I pull it out and she says "wow that's just like my phone." I tell her it IS her phone and that she shouldn't have it out at school and explain all the reasons why cell phones are verboten. (Like the cell phone video of our teacher getting beaten which will allow her to sue the school and every kid who was in the room that didn't render aid)

I don't take the cell phone up, because that requires that a parent come pick it up on Monday which would be two weeks from now (after spring break) and as she's married, I'm betting her parent wouldn't serve the purpose.
What she had to show off today. . . she had the receipt from Walmart where she and her new husband went grocery shopping. They spent $170 on food for two people to get stocked in their new apartment. I bet she never gets to spend that much again.

At the end of the period she asks me if she can call her boyfriend. I was flip and asked her if she had a boyfriend and a husband too. Shyte. I don't mean to be mean. I think she was trying to arrange transportation home. Sometimes I'm slow on the uptake. This child stayed in her family home on Thursday night. Friday night she stayed with her husband.

As I fled the school this afternoon in the increasingly cold winds I saw her walking into the wind with no coat on. I'm wondering if she no longer has a ride home from school since she is a married woman. She told me where she is living and it's not a horrendous walk in good weather but it would have been miserable today.

I've come home and "processed" Oh holy crap, I wish I would have stuffed that girl in my car and given her a ride home.
I won't see her Wednesday as it is a "testing" day. You can be sure that on Friday if that child needs a ride to the home of her husband that I will with all humbleness beg her to let me help.